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Journey Map


As you navigate through the Visualising Loss interactive documentary the clips will start to disappear. This means you can never see the same clip twice. The idea is to create a flowing conversation between you and the participants free from artificial repetition. This gives space for both the similarities and differences between the different participants' views and case study sites to be highlighted.


To help you record what you hear click on the PDF button below to access a copy of the journey map to help you keep a record of what you hear.

When you are finished fill in the links between the clips (SNUs) and fill in your reflection of what you have heard at the bottom of the final sheet. 

Download as many sheets as you need to cover your session if one isn’t enough.


The journey map can be completed solo or form the basis for a group activity or workshop.

If used for a workshop please credit the creator Tanya Venture.

Journey Map Image.JPG
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